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How to: Overcome Creative Obstacles, Shatter Limiting Beliefs and Discover your Purpose as a Creator

Updated: Jan 5

(Congrats, you just found 2 of visitor exclusive life hacks below. Check out these helpful FREE tools to help you supercharge your productivity before you hit the Episode 1 link below.)


In this first episode of "Under the Hat," HatChap Productions founder, Nick Bohle, discusses the major obstacles and sticking points that many artists face when they're trying to make a career out of their artform. In these 30 plus minutes Nick shares some valuable tools, experience, activities and insights to help inspire and guide you towards your next move as a creator. Be sure to like and subscribe to the HatChap Productions YouTube channel to get more exciting content as we rev up our creation and deployment over the next few months.

A note from Nick:

I wanted to start the series with some of the most important fundamental realizations for any media artist. We will be getting into production techniques for all aspects of the media production arena in episodes to come but if you can’t understand and apply what’s in episode 1 then your dreams will remain in the dream bank. I will be providing a lot of practical knowledge for filmmakers of all disciplines and skill sets in this series so be sure to soak up Episode 1 and gear up for some great content to help you work smarter and not harder.

NICK’S 2 productivity hacks to get work done 1.5X faster:

I mentioned this in Episode 1 of UNDER THE HAT and I wanted to follow up to give you, you loyal website visitor you, some bonus tools and habits to help you work faster and smarter instead of slower and… less intelligently… like that!

Anyways, as I mention in this first episode I feel it is very helpful to use learning as a tool to break through procrastination. However, learning can be very slow. We can only read or watch content so quickly. So, here are a couple things you can do to speed up the process and make your knowledge acquisition, daily minutia and overall skills development a little bit more fluid and enjoyable.

TIP #1

I recommend, if you can, to watch your learning content at 1.5 x the speed. This may not work for everyone but oftentimes I find myself losing focus because I feel like the content is moving too slowly and by speeding up the video or the podcast I have to pay attention a little bit more. I end up getting the content in my mind and body more quickly which saves time, energizes me to tackle something else and, in all honesty, I think it helps me absorb the information a little better. Try it, it may not work for you but who wouldn't want to get things done 1.5 times faster and get more out of it in the process?

Second would be to use one and/or both of the following FREE tools. First would be “GOOGLE VOICE TYPING.”

This is a tool you have in your GOOGLE DOCSTools” dropdown menu.

Simply hit the “tools” menu tab and navigate to the “Voice Typing” option. Make sure your mic is on and permitted and you’re ready to speak your next essay or company policy into existence. When your mic is active and you hit the microphone icon it will turn into a hollow red circle with a red microphone inside and when resting will revert to a fully red icon…

Whenever you want to speak you typing just hit the read button and make sure it goes RED + White. As you speak the words will appear 1 - 2 seconds later.

TIP #2

The other very helpful free tool is a website called This website allows you to insert a prompt for all your social and online needs from emails to social posts to love letters, cover letters and more. Their Advanced AI reads your simple prompt to generate many different versions of copy that could be used very quickly in your emails, policies, YouTube content descriptions and more.

We live in a fast paced world and tools like these allow you to maintain your pace without spending all your energy on the work. You may have been able to tell from the screenshots but I'm using Google Voice typing to write this blog post and it cuts the time down by about 25%. As a creator and a business owner I'll take ever inch I can get so I rely on these and other synchronized tools to speed up my workflows.

I hope these little tips and the episode as a whole helps to guide you a little further along your creative journey. Please feel free to reach out should any questions come to mind or if you have any suggestions for content you'd like me to cover. That's all for now.

And with that, let’s get into it!

How to: Overcome Creative Obstacles, Shatter Limiting Beliefs and Discover your Purpose as a Creator

Under the Hat - Episode #1 - hosted by Nick Bohle

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