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How I Used Blackmagic Cameras and DaVinci Resolve to Become a Professional Filmmaker

Updated: Jan 5

In this episode of Under the Hat Nick Bohle discusses how Blackmagic cameras and the DaVinci Resolve NLE (ecosystem) made him the filmmaker he is today. We'll go over a general review of the cameras and system, discuss some pros and cons of working with Blackmagic Design and, finally, I'll provide those with no camera a professional low cost option to record using a great app called Filmic Pro or Filmic Legacy. When paired with the FREE version of DaVinci, Filmic Pro can provide a feasible option for professional storytelling for next to no cost.

Bonus: At 18:15 - Nick shares a great DaVinci troubleshooting hack. If you have ever had a DaVinci session crash on you and then not open you know how deflating it can be and you may think you've lost your session and all the work you've done. Never fear, if you have your second version of DaVinci or a friend on the same version you may be able to save your session and avoid re-starting the whole process. See the video for details.

Want to start your Blackmagic Design journey?

Here's my GEAR LIST for this video. Use the link below to find these products for yourself:

Blackmagic Pocket 6K G2 - Camera

3 X Nanlite Lumipad 25 - Panel Lights

1 X Sennheiser MKE600 - Shotgun Microphone

Ninja V - Monitor

Small Rig Blackmagic Pocket 6K G2 - Camera Cage

DaVinci Resolve - NLE

Antelope Zen Studio+ - Audio Interface




Please send any questions, comments or concerns to the comments section or feel free to reach out at

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